1. Fentanyl crisis hits Belleville

    Date 18 Apr 2017
    Belleville Police are warning the public of the fentanyl crisis in the Quinte region. “It is sad to see that fentanyl is spreading the way it is and we are doing our best to arrest the drug dealers. We are also trying to educate the community about fentanyl, which is…

  2. Struggle and Success

    Date 21 Mar 2017
    Jeremy Davis Jeremy and Joshua Davis founded the Other Side Media Group, a non-profit media organization, in 1999. They founded the media group to promote awareness for social causes, be it an organization or an individual..They have produced local radio, television, videos, special events and have had everyone they want…

  3. A life dedicated to karate

    Date 08 Feb 2017
    Kenzo Dozono, 72. Sensei Kenzo Dozono (Hanshi), 72, has been actively training in karate for the past 68 years. Apart from teaching karate in Belleville since 1969, Dozono is also the technical director and president of Shotokan Karate Do International Federation in Canada. Dozono’s childhood framed his way into karate…

  4. The story of an immigrant

    Date 28 Jan 2017
    John Tran, nail esthetician. John, Anna and Cecilia Tran are all nail estheticians. They have a family business, and it all started with Anna learning how to do manicures and pedicures in Vietnam. The family has made a long journey from Vietnam to Canada.“We are what they used to call…

  5. A flickering candle in the storm

    Date 14 Dec 2016
    Belleville, Ont. (12/12/2016) - William Smith is seen playing with his dog Leon. With technology on the rise at an unprecedented rate, a lot of questions are being raised. William Smith, a Neo-Luddite, feels concerned with this rise.“There is this increasing rise in the loss of privacy and people seem…

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